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It always depends on the role: The New Work concept Holacracy dispenses with formal hierarchies and the usual bosses. “Leadership without leading,” says Sophie Seiwald. She is responsible for, a subsidiary of the major car brand, where they design the entire digital brand for Mercedes Benz. And rely on Holacracy. We talked to Sophie Seiwald about how this works, the challenges that arise for managers and employees and what she has learned for the future of work.

What do you do if you cannot visit the doctor due to Covid-19? How do you get an electronic sick note or e-prescription? We spoke to Katharina Jünger, CEO and founder of Teleclinic, about online consultation hours, the opinion of the Medical Association on telemedicine, the hurdles of digitization and what role the corona pandemic plays in this. Last but not least, Katharina also told us about the challenges as a startup in the health sector. Would you go to your doctor digitally in the future?

Have fun listening and we would be happy if you tell us how you liked the episode.

Note: There is no mention in the podcast that the prescriptions sent through Teleclinic are private prescriptions. Normal cash registers cannot be prescribed digitally. A doctor can also send encrypted private prescriptions to the patient via other providers such as Doctolib, which the patient can then redeem in a pharmacy.

Recruiting despite remote work? When looking for new talent, switching from analog to digital is a major challenge for many companies. Are digital interviews enough to get to know applicants properly? How can the entire recruiting process be mapped digitally? What to look for We talked to Matthes Dohmeyer about this. He is the founder and managing director of the recruiting app truffls and gave us exciting insights.

Corona has caused more people to work from home than ever before. The kitchen turns into a telephone booth, the balcony into a meeting room and the living room into a workplace. But what if you live together in a very small space and suddenly two people are working full-time from home? How can you organize yourself here? How can you still make confidential phone calls and how does the ceiling not fall on your head?

We asked Rebekka Weiß these and many other questions. Rebekka heads the Trust & Security department at Bitkom and lives with her husband in a 40 square meter apartment, which has also been their office since Corona.

Mental health in the home office – The corona crisis has meanwhile not only had an impact on the economy, but also on our everyday life and the way we work. D.

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